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How to Become a Male Stripper Course – Everything you need to know!

Do you have the passion or deep desire to be a male stripper,
but don’t know how to go about it, or where to start?

Many guys fall into becoming a male stripper with no instruction, training or knowledge resulting in many times failing to succeed at the job resulting in embarrassing and unsafe situations. They also end up making minimal money in tips due to now knowing how to effectively maximize their income as a male stripper.

To help potential male strippers hit the ground running and achieve their dream of making tons of money and having women customers screaming and throwing themselves at you, look no further!

This is the unique, hard to find step by step, 12 module course that will turn that fantasy into a reality.

Many of the benefits of becoming a Male Stripper are as follows:

  • Work part-time hours when you want.
  • Increased level of self confidence.
  • Ideal job for full time college students, spend more time studying and less time working a dead end part time job.
  • Great motivator to be in top physical condition.
  • Meet lots of new and interesting people.
  • Always experiencing new adventures and places you have never been.
  • A supplemental source of income in addition to your full time job.
  • Great exercise.
  • Keeps you on top of your game including; grooming, hygiene, and physical shape.

So what does this 12 Module Course include?

Here is a Course Outline

  • Module #1 – Key Attributes of a Male Stripper.

    (Attitude – Personal Hygiene – Desired Physique)

  • Module #2 – How to Acquire a Wardrobe of Costumes Needed.

    (Most Requested Costumes – Props – Tear Away Pants and G-Strings)

  • Module #3 – Supplying Your Own Sound System, Music/Playlists, Party Lights and Hot Seat.

    (Boom Boxes – Party Music – Party Lights – The “Hot Seat”)

  • Module #4 – Tackling All Types of Party Locations, the Differences and Challenges We Face.

    (Houses – Apartments/Condominiums – Hotels – Party Buses)

  • Module #5 – Entertaining to Maximize Your Income – Utilizing Lap Dances and Party Games to Make Big Tips.

    (Lap Dances – Whip Cream Races – Blindfold Game – Penis Ring Toss – Five Dollar Draw – Body Shots)

  • Module #6 – How to Maximize Your Income with Additional Fees, Making Change and Wrap Up.

    (Photo/Video Fees – Having and Making Change – Ending the Party on a Good Note – Party Wrap Up)

  • Module #7 – Transportation Essentials – How to Set up Your Automobile Efficiently.

    (Hygiene Items Needed – Dancing Equipment – Navigation and Communication Equipment)

  • Module #8 – Customer Relations – How to Deal with Common Types of Customers.

    (Cheap Customers – Pushy/Rude Customers – Jealous Boyfriends/Husbands – Affluent Customers)

  • Module #9 – Staying Safe on the Job – How to Keep Safe without Compromising Your Income.

    (Arriving to the Show – During the Show – Wrap Up and Exiting the Show)

  • Module #10 – Typical Male Stripper Myths – Let's Strip Away the Stereotypes and Talk Real Talk.

    (All Male Strippers are Gay – Gotta be Hung Like a Horse – Gotta Dance Like a Hip-Hop Artist or a Chippendale Dancer – All Male Strippers Get Laid a Lot)

  • Module #11 – How to Understand The “Typical” Female Customer – Let's Get Inside Her Head!

    (Unrealistic Expectations – Short Attention Span – Mental Checklist – Females Tend to Be Cheap)

  • Module #12 – How to Be at the Top of the Agent’s Roster – How to Get Called First For Parties!

    (Communication – Dependability – Professionalism)

As an ADDED BONUS to the 12 Modules, we are including the following:

  • One on one mentoring with Justin via email and telephone after completing the course.
  • Interrogations of male strippers working for Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc. with downloadable audio file to listen at your leisure.
  • Downloadable assignment sheet you can use to fill out for everytime you get a party assigned to you which contains a liability/release form to have a customer sign on arrival to any party to protect yourself and the agency from any mishaps that may occur.
  • Downloadable Bachelorette and Birthday Poems to incorporate into your parties to help break the ice and get all the girls involved.
  • Job placement with Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc. after completing the course at the discretion of the management. 9 out of 10 students completing the course are hired and put on the roster for work.
  • Lifetime access to the course which will include yearly updates including additional modules and updated forms to use on the job.

After completing the course, and being hired by Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc.,
the company will do the following to help promote you as a male stripper:

  • We will create your own page on our website with your stage name, photos you submit to us, along with a bio to give some background about you to our female customers looking to book a party.
  • We will create a promotional video focused on you which will include content you provide us such as video clips, and still images. This will be like a Hollywood type of movie trailer which will be added to our company YouTube Channel. We will also embed this video on your page on our site.
  • Justin – Talent Manager and Course Instructor will mentor you, and basically take you under his wing and take you beyond this course. You will be able to discuss parties you have been booked on and how to overcome obstacles you may run into. Also, any ideas you might have or questions not covered in the course will be answered by Justin himself either by phone or email.
  • You will also have the opportunity to be featured on Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc. Adult Talk Show. You will be asked a series of 30 questions about working as a Male Stripper and this will be professionally recorded and edited and will be streaming on our Internet Radio Show server which runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

So who is this course designed for?

  • Fit males who have the strong desire and passion to work as a Male Stripper doing private parties.
  • Someone who is comfortable in getting up in front of crowds.
  • Someone who is available to work on Friday and Saturday nights.

This course is NOT designed for the following:

  • Guys who just are looking to get laid at parties and not serious about making money.
  • Anyone interested in working as a Male Escort, this is purely stripping at parties, not sex or anything of the sort.
  • Anyone interested in working as a Porn Star in movies. We do not book or entertain in any type of adult movies or sex acts period!

So if you have the strong desire and passion to become a Male Stripper and really make some good money working part time, here is your opportunity. Many experienced Male Strippers out there today have had to learn everything on the job, which can take years to obtain the knowledge that is found in this course.

Take this opportunity which is actually a life changing decision, once you get into working as a Male Stripper and making the great money and getting all the attention from the ladies, we just want to warn you this job is VERY ADDICTIVE!!

So, don’t put off this dream or passion any longer, go ahead and take this opportunity for all it’s worth and run with it. Simply click the BUY NOW button below, and get started right away. The sooner you enroll, the sooner we can hire you with Breathtakers Entertainment, Inc. and get you making all that great dancing money!

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