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If your dream or passion is to be a male stripper, or you work as a male stripper now and want to increase your income and professionalism doing private parties. Now is the time to take control of your financial future and make this life changing decision. Enroll now and soak up every bit of information this course will give you!

This Online Course Reveals: Our 12 Modules showing you step by step everything you need to know to be successful as a Male Stripper.

This simple and easy to follow online course will show you how to become a male stripper every step of the way.

  • How to be successful at performing at any parties.
  • Assembling your wardrobe of costumes for minimal costs.
  • All the essential party games to offer, what to charge and how to do them.
  • Working your way to the top of the Agent’s roster and staying there to get called for parties first.
  • Staying safe on the job and not taking risks and how to avoid mishaps.
  • How to stay a few steps ahead of your customers and keep control of your parties and be respected by them.
  • And much, much more!

In This Course You Will Discover...

  • Module #1 – Key Attributes of a Male Stripper.

    (Attitude – Personal Hygiene – Desired Physique)

  • Module #2 – How to Acquire a Wardrobe of Costumes Needed.

    (Most Requested Costumes – Props – Tear Away Pants and G-Strings)

  • Module #3 – Supplying your Own Sound System, Music/Playlists, Party Lights and Hot Seat.

    (Boom Boxes – Party Music – Party Lights – The “Hot Seat”)

  • Module #4 – Tackling All Types of Party Locations, the Differences and Challenges We Face.

    (Houses – Apartments/Condominiums – Hotels – Party Buses)

  • Module #5 – Entertaining to Maximize Your Income – Utilizing Lap Dances and Party Games to Make Big Tips.

    (Lap Dances – Whip Cream Races – Blindfold Game – Penis Ring Toss – Five Dollar Draw – Body Shots)

  • Module #6 – How to Maximize Your Income with Additional Fees, Making Change and Wrap Up.

    (Photo/Video Fees – Having and Making Change – Ending the Party on a Good Note – Party Wrap Up)

  • Module #7 – Transportation Essentials – How to Set up Your Automobile Efficiently.

    (Hygiene Items Needed – Dancing Equipment – Navigation and Communication Equipment)

  • Module #8 – Customer Relations – How to Deal with Common Types of Customers.

    (Cheap Customers – Pushy/Rude Customers – Jealous Boyfriends/Husbands – Affluent Customers)

  • Module #9 – Staying Safe on the Job – How to Keep Safe without Compromising your Income.

    (Arriving to the Show – During the Show – Wrap Up and Exiting the Show)

  • Module #10 – Typical Male Stripper Myths – Let's Strip Away the Stereotypes and Talk Real Talk.

    (All Male Strippers are Gay – Gotta be Hung Like a Horse – Gotta Dance Like a Hip-Hop Artist or a Chippendale Dancer – All Male Strippers Get Laid a Lot)

  • Module #11 – How to Understand The “Typical” Female Customer – Let's Get Inside Her Head!

    (Unrealistic Expectations – Short Attention Span – Mental Checklist – Females Tend to Be Cheap)

  • Module #12 – How to Be at the Top of the Agent’s Roster – How to Get Called First for Parties!

    (Communication – Dependability – Professionalism)

See what other people are saying about this course

I have always had girls asking me if I was a male stripper which made me laugh.  I ran across this course and signed up and now I am out making money I never thought I would make.  Thanks for offering this online!

Brad - Denver, CO
Brad - Denver, CO

Really good course, I highly recommend to anyone wanting to be a male stripper.

Rico - Toronto, ON
Rico - Toronto, ON

This course has motivated me so much that I have dropped 20 lbs and now in the best shape of my life.  Thanks Justin for all of your help and mentoring!

Louis - Lexington, KY
Louis - Lexington, KY
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